“Very experienced and know the laws. Gary Blatter had a calming demeanor and explained everything in detail.”

-Becca Hardwick

“I felt really protected and confident of having Gary and John in charge of my situation. Sascha was super friendly and helpful in all my questions!”

“Me sentí realmente protegida y segura teniendo a Gary y a John a cargo de mi situación. ¡Sascha fue super amigable y servicial con todas mis preguntas!”

-Isabel Olvera

“Gary and John have the best family law practice in Utah. If you are a single father, and you feel like there is no hope, you are not alone.

When I met Gary and John, I had little, to no visitation with my daughter and son. I had crushing child support payments. John gave me hope for the first time in my children’s lives, starting from the first meeting. He laid out a plan, and told me that it wouldn’t be easy, but if I did everything they advised, we had a real chance at joint custody. I did every little thing. I jumped through every court hoop, and we did much better than I would have ever dreamed.
Gary is an excellent trial lawyer, in my opinion, he is the best out there. Our first court appearance, he established a visitation schedule with the courts, and got me the first taste of rights to my own children, but he didn’t stop there.
In the end, I was awarded sole custody of my daughter, and primary physical custody of my son.
John and Gary helped me through the most difficult part of my life. They stuck by my side through all of it. They never stopped fighting for my family, and I. I cannot say enough to explain my gratitude, and respect for this team. Gary and John are both wonderful attorneys, and a some of the most genuinely amazing human beings I have met.

Before I finish I think it’s important to also mention that I have recommended them to family and several friends living their own custody nightmares. Each and every person speak about them the same way.
When it comes to father’s rights, and family law there is no one who will be better to you and your family.”

-Corey Kite